Coming Soon 11/11/21

About Running Rabbit

The Running Rabbit is a signature by artist Poesy 小詩 since 2000.

The Running Rabbit NFT project will first release 111 handdrawn girl rabbits. 77 husbands will follow. With time + carrots, 77 pairs of rabbits breed 11 babies.
34 single girls will ejoy other unique utilities.

This project will unfold random acts of kindness as the rabbits multiply.

A gift of MYR11,111 (Ringgit Malaysia Eleven thousand One hundred & Eleven only) will be donated to the YCK Tuesday Art Angels program before the 111th day after the last girl rabbit is sold.

Tuesday Art provides weekly classes to stateless children in downtown Kuala Lumpur since 2012, founded by Poesy under her social movement Helping Angels 善行天使 in collaboration with Chow Kit Foundation aka Yayasan Chow Kit.

Read the #RunningRabbit #NFT roadmap at the website and be part of our community at the Poesy Official Discord server.

Be sure to join @poesyliang on Twitter, Instagram and Clubhouse @poesy for real time developments.

Running Rabbit Roadmap (ETH chain)

Releasing 111 girl rabbits that are handdrawn by Poesy Liang
Each girl rabbit will be completely unique with their backgrounds, accessories and carried objects.
These rabbits are capable of breeding 11 rabbit offsprings once paired with a husband.
There will be 34 single girl rabbits.

Once the 111 girl rabbits are sold out, each girl rabbit starts to earn a carrot a day.

NOV 11, 2021 11am Asia
NOV 10, 2021 11pm New York
Public drop will happen on Clubhouse - first 11 rabbits will be released.
The floor price will start at 0.03 ETH
There is a presale whitelist.

Rabbit roll out prices :
First 33 rabbits 0.03 ETH
Next 11 rabbits 0.033 ETH
Next 11 rabbits 0.038 ETH
Next 11 rabbits 0.04 ETH
Next 11 rabbits 0.045 ETH
Next 11 rabbits 0.05 ETH
Next 11 rabbits 0.06 ETH
Next 11 rabbits 0.07 ETH
Last rabbit 0.1 ETH

FEB 2022

Releasing 77 HUSBAND rabbits for breeding.
This 77 pair of rabbits will mate for life and birth 11 rabbit offsprings over their lifetime.
Rabbit offsprints will take on the trait of the mama rabbits, with some variations in male rabbits.


Each rabbit offsprint will take 111 carrots to breed (equivalent to 111 days)
Carrots will be distributed to holder wallets of girl rabbits at 11:11:11am Asia each day on the Polygon chain.
Occasional super carrots will be airdropped to holders to shorten the duration of baby rabbit arrival.
Carrots will also be available for sale in 2022.


After first baby, rabbit family will be eligible to acquire a basic rabbit burrow.
After 3rd baby, rabbit family will be eligible to acquire an intermediate burrow.
After 6th baby, rabbit family will be eligible to acquire a luxury villa burrow.
After 9th baby, rabbit family will be eligible to acquire a palace burrow.
Single rabbits can acquire their special pad burrow with 333 carrots.


Special objects will randomly roll into rabbit burrows :
Magic gold balls
Pocket watches